Existing Guests – Enjoy 20% OFF

Existing Guests - Enjoy 20% OFFWhat are friends for? Send a Friend to Fretwell Bennett & you can both enjoy 20% off.

Send one of your friends to our hair salon in Manchester City Centre & they can enjoy 20% off their first experience with us.

Once your friend has visited us for the 1st time, we will give you 20% off your next appointment – our way of saying thank you for recommending us to your friends.

Simply enter your details below and we will send you a 20% off discount voucher to forward to your friend (they must not have been to Fretwell Bennett before).

Once they have visited the salon with their email voucher we will record a 20% Discount off your next Cut and Finish.

Friendship is sharing...

How it works –

1. Enter your Name & Email
2. Forward the email you receive to your friend that has never visited Fretwell Bennett salon
3. Your friend brings the email to the salon and gets a 20% discount off their 1st  Cut and Finish
4. That email is recorded against your client record ready for your 20% discount off your next Cut and Finish.