Valentines Day Hairstyles

Romantic Hairstyle ideas for Valentines Day at Fretwell Bennett Hair Salon, Manchester

Will love be in your ‘Hair’ on Valentines Day 2016?  Well, a visit to Fretwell Bennett Hair Salon in Manchester, whilst not guaranteed to help you find the love of your life, will certainly have heads turning and make you look and feel gorgeous!

Whether you intend to stay in or go out, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself to the very best romantic Valentines Day hairstyle that’s perfect just for you.  Even better, get your other half to pay for it…after all, it’s for their benefit too!

At Fretwell Bennett Hair Salon in Manchester, our expert stylists are on hand to guide you in creating your Valentines Day Hairstyle that will work with, and enhance, your natural features, to create a stunning version of yourself for your special night of love.

If you are having a bit of a hair disaster, fear not, just visit our Genius Bar where one of our super stylists will transform even the worst hair disaster, into whatever your heart desires.  Hair services also include Hair Cut and Re-style, Brazillian Blow Dry and of course, not forgetting our Special Occasion Hair.

Here are just a few Valentines Day Hairstyle ideas that are best for your face shape.

21Romantic Hair Styles Best for Round Faces

Centre partings with soft waves will frame your face and are chic and romantic.  Adding an up-do with, or without, a wrap around braid is stylish and sassy and is sure to turn heads.  Or maybe you’d like to be more adventurous with straight bangs and pretty curls…go on, give it a try!

17Romantic Hair Styles Best for Heart Shaped Faces

Side partings work best with heart shaped faces.  Voluminous romantic waves and curls are timeless and classic and can be used to create a romantic cascade for those with longer length hair.  A sexy, yet casual up-do is amazingly versatile for layered hair.  Or if you fancy Hollywood Hair for your night of love, side swept, over the shoulder tresses will always be a success.

13Romantic Hair Styles Best for Square Shaped Faces

A half up-do will create a sweet, yet sassy and romantic twist to your Valentines Day hair.  Or if you’d like to make more of a statement, go for structured curls…soft, dramatic and sure to get you noticed. A super sultry messy twist or loose French twist is perfect for medium to longer length hair.  Whilst a wavy bob or feathered fringe is just great for shorter hair.

Valentines Day Hairstyle Appointments

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