Summer Hair-Trends


Spring & Summer Hair Trends at Fretwell Bennett, Manchester

At Fretwell Bennett we make it our mission to keep up to date with the latest hair trends and make these accessible to you. We keep a keen eye on both catwalk and celebrity trends to make sure that the styles we bring you are bang up to date. Whether you fancy a new statement colour, a restyle, or both then the Fretwell Bennett team are here to advise you. 2014’s spring/summer will see some massive hair trends – if you would like advice on any of them then feel free to visit our Manchester Hair Salon and speak to one of our expert Stylists..

2014 Colour Trend: Bold

Bold colours are back this year after a long time out of the fashion spotlight. They are part of the 90s fashion revival that is currently taking place and take inspiration from the 90s grunge look.

Whether you would like a full head of hair colour or just some coloured sections, the Fretwell Bennett colour team will be here to advise you on the best look for you. The fabulous range of AVEDA natural tones and colours that we use can be combined to create literally any colour that you could desire. For more information and inspiration on coloured hair then see the Fretwell Bennett colour page.


2014 Colour Trend: Pastel

Spring/summer hair trends couldn’t get more girly or flirty than this year’s pastel colour trend. This trend packs just as much of a punch as the bold 90s inspired hair colours, however it is softer on the face. For an alternative to a full head of colour, girly pastel shades look brilliant when combined with this years ombre trend, in contrast to an ice blond shade.


2014 Hairstyle Trend: Straight Hair

Forget the big bouncing curls of previous years – sleek straight hair is back. This look needs hair to be long and all of the same length. If you would like sleek straight hair without the hassle, let alone cuticle damage, of daily straightening then talk to the Fretwell Bennett team about one of our AVEDA Brazillian Blow-drys.

An intense natural keratin formula is applied to the hair before a blow-dry is carried out by one of the Fretwell Bennett team – the glossy frizz-free results will last for around two months – perfect if you’re planning a summer getaway.


2014 Hairstyle Trend: Wet Look

For the true Manchester fashionistas wet look and sleeked back hair has been huge trend in the world of high fashion and is a favorite with Kenzo, House of Holland and Ashley Williams to name just a few.

This look used gel which can be applied to both loose hair and ponytails where the hair is all of one length – product is applied from the roots to the mid-lengths.

2014 Hairstyle Trend: Buns and Braids

Flirty, girly and very summery, buns and braids are a huge trend this year. Very messy braids are a favorite with model of the moment, Cara Delevingne. Both buns and braids are extremely popular at the moment and they can be combined for a more intricate look.

If you have fly away hair that tends to slip out of position then one of the Fretwell Bennet team will be happy to recommend the perfect AVEDA product to keep your look in position.  This look would be perfect for both a summer bride or a wedding guest.

2014 Hairstyle Trend: Ponytails

Sleek low ponytails are an extension of the sports luxe look that has been so popular in the world of high fashion and have been seen on both the Victoria Beckham and Vera Wang catwalks. No volume is given and this is enhanced if combining a ponytail with this year’s wet look trend.

To really add to the sports luxe image then try incorporating a head band or visor. Hair bands should be thick and plain, positioned close to the front of the head and covering the ears.

2014 Hair Trend: Men’s hair

There is so much variation in this season’s men’s hair trends. Last year the short sides and long top of the pompadour style took over and the popularity of this look will continue into summer 2014, however there is a new men’s hair look taking over – the fringe. Block fringes, brushed forward from the crown are set to take over the world of men’s hair. Fringes will vary in length and the sides of the head will remain short. For more information on men’s hair trends, including tips on finding the perfect cut for your face shape, then visit the Fretwell Bennett men’s hair page.

If you would like any more advice, or information on spring/summer hair trends at Fretwell Bennett Hair Salon in Manchester, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0161 236 6963.