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2014-smooth-long-waves-fringeQ. I’m bored of my hair…HELP!

A. The best thing to do is pop in to the salon for a free consultation with a stylist who will be full of ideas! However for an instant change you can do yourself at home, why not try moving your parting or styling differently curly instead of straight or vice versa?

Aveda has a wide range of products suitable for all hair types to help you achieve your new look! Adding colour is a great way to give your hair a new lease of life. If you don’t want any commitment, why not just add a flash of colour as a focal/ interest point?

Q. How do I curl using GHDs?

A. Curling with GHD’s is a quick and easy way to add movement to your hair. Its always best to prep the hair first Avedas confixor gel is a brilliant product to use. Apply evenly to damp hair from roots to ends, this will help to intensify your curl and add hold.

8Imagine you are curling a piece of ribbon for a present adapt the same technique with the irons, clamp your hair about mid way down your section of hair turning the ghds as go. The key is to keep the irons moving this way you help to avoid any heat damage to the hair. By taking smaller sections of hair you can create tighter curls while larger sections will give more of a loose relaxed look.

Q. How do I make my hair shiny?

A. To create super sleek, shiny hair always start with freshly washed hair. Don’t rub the hair dry this will disturb the cuticles and create frizz. Instead remove excess water by blotting with a towel.

Apply Aveda smooth infusion style prep smoother evenly from roots to ends to prep the hair. Blow dry from roots to ends this will help to close cuticles and by doing so achieve maximum shine. Finish with Aveda Brilliant emollient gloss to help smooth ends.

Q. How can I prolong my hair colour?

10To help keep the vibrance of your colour its best to use the Aveda colour enhance range. Helps to lock in the colour of reds,brunettes and blondes and resist fading what ever the tone. The range can also help to neutralises unwanted colour in the hair , blue malva conditioner is great for getting rid of brassy tones.

Apply the relevant colour enhance conditioner for your hair colour and apply evenly to the hair for 2-5 mins. Comb through then rinse for longer lasting colour.

Q. How do I recreate volume in my blow dry at home?

A. To recreate your salon blow dry listen to your stylists preferences and watch how they work. They know your hair best and have great knowledge to enable them to recommend products and styling tools that are suitable.

Avedas pure abundance style prep is a great product to help you, it thickens the strands of your hair to boost volume just spray evenly in the hair before blow drying.

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