AVEDA Rituals

FB-salon-second-set-10AVEDA Rituals at Fretwell Bennett Hair Salon, Manchester

At Fretwell Betnnett, Manchester’s leading AVEDA stockists, we aim to provide a luxurious, boutique experience every time you visit us. We recognise that our clients want to leave not just with a great haircut and hair colour, but also relaxed and with a sense of well-being following their visit.

The complimentary AVEDA Rituals range is a series of treatments designed to pamper you, immersing you in sheer indulgence, while you undergo your hair transformation. Fretwell Bennett is deliberately laid out in a more intimate way so you can feel relaxed and comfortable– there are fewer chairs than a salon of this size would normally have, and our delicate partitions create more privacy and intimacy.

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AVEDA Comforting Tea

A tea ceremony is a traditional way to welcome guests into your home and so we believe that this is the perfect way to welcome you into our salon – so sit back and unwind with a soothing cup of AVEDA tea. This blend, which is a unique herbal infusion of licorice root and peppermint, will sooth and relax you. Made from 100% natural ingredients, this tea contains absolutely no caffeine or added sugar, with its delicious sweet taste coming from the licorice. Not only will this fantastic blend sooth your mind, it will also sooth your body – for years it has been acknowledged that peppermint calms stress and boosts your immune system, while licorice reduces inflammation and expels toxins in the liver.

FB-salon-second-set-7AVEDA Sensory Journey

All of our valued customers are unique and it is for this reason we understand that different aromas can awaken memories and emotions in everyone. Allow Fretwell Bennett to take you on a sensory journey while you enjoy your treatment. When you are completely relaxed we will offer you an array of beautiful scents to sample, finding the perfect one to calm and sooth you while you enjoy your time in the salon.


Pure-Fume Application

Allow our wonderful staff here at Fretwell Bennett to awake your senses as you sample the florally fabulous AVEDA Pure-Fume.  This mood-lifting aroma contains natural flower and plant essences, giving you a relaxing scent that will last all day.  Despite its longevity, the delicate notes mean that this subtle perfume isn’t overpowering.

 Scalp and Shoulders Ritual

Relax your body, as well as your mind with this stress relieving scalp and shoulder massage. Our trained staff will welcome you onto the massage chair where they will use a number of techniques to relieve tension in your head and shoulders. Targeting specific pressure points, this treatment will help you to unwind in no time. As well as its brilliant calming effect, this massage will also stimulate blood flow around the scalp which will encourage hair growth.

FB-salon-second-set-12Stress Relieving Hand Ritual

Another relaxing massage carried out by a member of the Fretwell Bennett team. Using world class AVEDA products we will use both touch and aromatherapy to relieve tension in hard working hands. This eight step massage will relax your hands from wrist to fingertip.



If you would like to experience the full AVEDA Rituals range then please call us to arrange a treatment on 0161 236 9693 at Fretwell Bennett, Manchester’s leading hair salon.