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At Fretwell Bennett, we are experts in all aspects of hair colouring, and we believe that the Aveda Full Spectrum Hair Colour Range will leave you with the best hair colour in Manchester. Our team of highly trained hair colour technicians take delight in finding the perfect shade for our clients.

Whether you’re brave enough to go for a bold, vibrant hair colour, or are looking for something a little more subtle, the natural composition of AVEDA hair colour will leave you assured that your hair is undergoing the least damage possible.

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure there is no adverse reaction we carry out a skin test 48 hours prior to your hair colour appointment. We will also provide you with a £10 OFF voucher during this skin test to go towards your hair colour service – this is to reimburse any potential travel costs.

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AVEDA Full Spectrum Hair Colour

hair colour fretwell bennett hair salon manchesterAveda Full Spectrum is a unique colouring system that is different to any other technique, providing amazing results. Our hair colour experts in Manchester can pick from a range of 22 colours and 2 bases allowing you 74 beautiful shades to choose from.

AVEDA hair colours are extra fade resistant and super nourishing thanks to their 96% natural ingredients including Sunflower, caster and jojoba oils, which also leave hair with an amazing shine and colour lasting for eight weeks. The gentle ammonia free formula contains scents of rose and lavender to help you relax during your treatment.

AVEDA Full Head Hair Colour

hair colour fretwell bennett hair salon manchesterA complete change of hair colour can be a dramatic change, but with the Fretwell Bennett colouring team you know that you’re in safe hands. Whatever shade you’re dreaming of, be it a flirty blonde, sultry brunette, fiery red or even something more dramatic, we can make it happen.

A consultation prior to colouring will allow our team to study your face shape, skin tone and hair condition to find the perfect AVEDA product for you.


Red: There is a huge spectrum of reds available using AVEDA Full Spectrum Hair Colours. More natural shades such as coppers and strawberry blondes suit a fair skin tone, where as darker skin will suit vibrant plum shades.

Blonde: Blondes are flirty, fun and fabulous. If you’re not a natural blonde though then be wary – the wrong shade can make your skin look sallow and unhealthy. The fabulous Fretwell Bennett team will pick out the perfect AVEDA hair shade for you, letting your beautiful blonde locks shine.

Brunette: Whatever your skin tone, there is a brunette shade to suit you – from a soft cool caramel, which will suit a pale complexion, to a deep smouldering chocolate, which will give a more exotic look, there is an AVEDA Full Spectrum hair colour shade to suit everyone.

Bold: If you like to stand out from the crowd then a bold hair colour will help you do just that.  The beauty of AVEDA Full Spectrum Hair Colour range is that by combining different shades and tones, almost any hair colour can be achieved. Speak to one of the Fretwell Bennett colourists for advice on the hottest looks right now.

AVEDA Lowlights, Highlight and Foils

hair colour fretwell bennett hair salon manchesterMultitonal hair is perfect for adding texture and creating a more vibrant style and lowlights, highlights and foils are the best way to achieve this look.

Having a combination of shades in your hair allows your individuality to shine and a Fretwell Bennett hair colourist will be able to pick out the perfect colours for you. Summer is on its way and beachy highlights are the perfect way to give you that sun kissed look whereas sultry lowlights will allow your colour to smoulder.

Highlights: Individual foils are applied to the hair giving this natural sun-kissed look. The client’s desired look is achieved by varying the width and tone of the highlights.

Sample Foils: This technique is very similar  to highlighting. Again, foils are applied to the hair, however this is only normally done in one section – usually the fringe.

Partial/Half Head of Foils: Foils can be applied to the head uniformly or randomly to achieve a client’s desired look. The fabulous Fretwell Bennett team will advise you on the best technique for you.

Full Head of Foils: A single colour or an array of shades can be added to the hair to give a dramatic look. A variety of colours will look more drastic while a single shade will give a natural appearance.


hair colour fretwell bennett hair salon manchesterAt Fretwell Bennett we make it our mission to be on top of all the latest hair trends, however, Balayage is a trend that has been around for a while now and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. This edgy style has been a catwalk hit, which is just as popular on the streets of New York as it is here on Oxford Road.

This look is generally achieved by highlighting lower sections of the hair, however there is no need to worry about harsh chemicals damaging your hair when using AVEDA Full Spectrum gentle colourants.

A powdered enlightener is hand-painted onto select pieces of hair to emphasize the lines and layers of a hairstyle. The hair colour will grow out, and roots aren’t noticeable because the colour isn’t applied as close to the roots as it is with other colour processes.


hair colour fretwell bennett hair salon manchesterDespite the extra-long lasting effects of AVEDA Full Spectrum colour (usually around 8 weeks) as with all hair colouring, regrowth is inevitable.

When regrowth happens, and roots and greys start to appear, hair can appear tired, lackluster and unkempt, and so we recommend regular touch ups for your AVEDA hair colouring.

To maintain your hair colour we recommend you visit Fretwell Bennett every 4-6 weeks, however one of our expert colourists will be able to give you more advice on this depending on your colour. 

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Some common hair colour questions you may have are;

  • My hair colour is dull and lifeless. What should I do?
  • How can I get a more youthful look with my hair colour?
  • My hair is brittle and prone to breakage – can I still colour my hair?
  • What is the best way to hide grey hairs?

We can provide expert guidance on ALL of the above! To arrange a consultation with one of our skilled Fretwell Bennett hair colourists,  contact our Manchester Hair Salon on 0161 236 9693.