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Face Framing Hair Colour at FretwellBennett Hair Salon Manchester

We’ve all heard of contouring your face to accentuate your natural beauty – but did you that know we can also do this with your hair?!

Illuminate yourself by experiencing the latest technique in hair colour. Aveda’s face-framing eclipting™ hair colour technique is personalised for you – and is now available at Fretwell Bennett hair salon in Manchester city centre.

The Aveda Eclipting hair colouring technique allows your FretwellBennett Stylist to use hair colour to easily contour your face, accentuating the features you love most and diverting eyes away from those you don’t!

Please note: You must pop into the salon for a quick and simple skin sensitivity test at least 48 hours before your hair colour appointment. Read our skin testing policy here.

Your Aveda Eclipting Hair Colour Consultation

At FretwellBennett we are specialist in Aveda Eclipting colouring services at our Manchester hairdressing salon and during your consultation will advise on how to get the best from your Eclipting hair colouring service.

We will take into account the shape of your face discussing what you like most when you look in the mirror and facial features you like least.

Hair Contouring, Top Manchester Salon

Create Your Own Aveda Eclipting technique

The ideal face shape is oval however not many of us actually have one! The idea behind Aveda Eclipting hair colouring is to create balance to your face shape using subtle colour placements to achieve it.

Check out Fretwell Bennett’s guide to Aveda Eclipting and find the perfect Eclipting technique to enhance your best features.

How to enhance your eyes with Aveda Eclipting: If you want to make the most of your eyes and really make them stand out and sparkle then have darker hues around the hairline. Especially great if you have a fringe as the colour can be placed underneath and sit at eye level for maximum impact.

How to enhance your cheekbones with Aveda Eclipting: Illuminate and emphasise your best feature by having darker colours added near the top of your cheekbones and lighter colours around your face and hair line.

I want to make my face look narrower with Aveda Eclipting: To elongate your face, shadow and depth needs to be created at the sides of the face and under the chin. Lighter tones can be added near the top of your hair to give a contoured effect.

I want to make my face look wider with Aveda Eclipting: Create a shadow around the jaw line and a darker colour at the top of the head. Lighter pieces can be added in front of the ears to make the face look rounder.

Hair Contouring, Top Manchester Salon

Contouring Your Face Using Aveda Eclipting 

Your Aveda hair colouring expert at Fretwell Bennett will cleverly contour your face, using darker tones to add depth and lighter and brighter tones to illuminate your face.

The Eclipting technique allows your Aveda hair colouring expert to create versatile and customisable hair colouring with results from natural to expressive.

Aveda full spectrum hair colour gives the ability to customise hair results so your Eclipting Hair Colouring service will be personal and unique to you – and being 96% naturally derived will nourish your hair while giving sensational hair colouring results.

Eclipting can complement any haircut or style and does not have to involve a dramatic hair colour change, a few gentle tweaks to your existing colour can also give fantastic, contoured hair colouring results.

Sections of hair can be twisted and colour applied to add dimension quickly and easily to the hair which achieves a highlighted look.

Book your Aveda Eclipting Hair Colouring Appointment at Fretwell Bennett Salon in Manchester

If you would like to try Aveda Eclipting at our Manchester Aveda hair salon or would like to book a consultation then call our reception team on 0161 236 9693 or use our online booking service. 

Or if you would like advice on any hair styling or Aveda hair colouring services we offer at Fretwell Bennett then pop into the salon and speak to a member of our friendly and professional team.

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